Things to Avoid on Your First Date with an Escort

Men need not to be taught about the ways to impress a lady. While they pretty well know the things to do to make women fall for them, they often ignore the things they shouldn’t do. And that is exactly they sometimes need to know, especially when they are considering to date an elite escort. The high class escorts in Istanbul have jaw-dropping beauty and they are quite bold in nature. Men from far off places come just to be with them, so is their demand. From this you can understand how popular they are in Istanbul.

They are like any other girl and you should respect them too. Escorting is their profession like any other and they love it like anything. Anything said against it might offend them. When you speak to your escort make sure you do not say anything abusive to them. Mind your words when you speak to them.

Also, if you are hiring services of an escort discuss everything with the executive. The escort has no role here to play when it comes to making the payments. Mostly bargaining is not entertained, but even then you can try your luck. On your date just don’t ask your lady to give your discounts. Don’t act so needy for money at least.

You shouldn’t keep your istanbul escorts waiting for you on the date. This is a very rude thing to do. Besides, if you want to tip her don’t just hand it over. Have some decency to put it on the table and not on the bed. Make sure to put the money in an envelope.
Don’t ask for favours although you know that your escort give favours to her clients. If she feels only then she would do favour. Asking it from her would be a grave mistake. 

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