Things Not To Do When Dating Istanbul Escorts

Each and every kind of businesses needs some sort of specific codes of conduct for smooth operation, and escorting is no different. In here, you will get various kinds of terms and conditions that must be followed in order to ensure best kind of services. Apart from the terms and conditions, there are many other things that must be taken into account while hiring Istanbul escorts. These points must be given due attention, especially when first-timers are involved. 
Escorts have dual name
You might often wonder about her name that she has given you. Sometimes it sounds too good to be a real name. If you lack common sense, you might accept it for her real name. Actually escorts have dual identity, they uses pseudonym for escorting services. In this sector, discretion is essential and the escorts are at full liberty to hide their real identity from their clients. So, the name which you will get is the fake name to safeguard their identity and respect. You should never ask for her real name as it may sound to be rude and disrespectful. 
What do you do apart from escorting?
These kinds of questions are absolute red signals. By asking this kind of questions, you may offend escorts. They may feel bad as you are intruding in their personal space. It is obvious for her to have a second job and a different life. You have no right to question her because you are just her clients and nothing else. You should not forget that it is a strictly professional relationship that you people share and you should never cross the boundaries. The scene can be entirely different if she is interested in you but it happens rarely. So, you should always refrain from asking unnecessary questions to the escorts and even if you do so, never expect to get an honest reply. 
Calling without permission 
You should never ask for an escort’s number and if you do so, you should never call her without her permission. To book an escort, you have to call up an agency and ask for deals and offers. You can go through the girls’ profiles on the respective websites and depending on your personal taste and preferences, you can choose a girl of your type. The agencies are highly professional and the way they will deal with you, you won’t feel the need to contact the girls even. 

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