Ten Things you should Never Tell or Ask an Istanbul Escort

Availing services of an escort is one of those rare modern amenities where you do not get to read a user manual before taking the plunge. Escorts often oblige to most requests made by their clients. However, there is always that thin line that you ought not to cross. Here are a few things that you should never tell Turkey escorts.

1. An Escort gave me a Discount once
She will be quick to figure out that you are bargaining. Haggling generally applies to commodities and the talk is about companionship here. Unless you are too bent on offending your lady-for-the-evening, you do not ask for a discount.

2. Why are you into this Business?
Many men who date escorts are too inspired by the Taxi Driver and are misled into believing that they are into some kind of rescue operation. Modern escort agencies have a strict list of criteria for admission of escorts and women who join have some pretty solid reasons; none of which should concern you.

3. Can I bring a Friend along?
What is this: re-screening of The Three Musketeers? If you really seek a private companion, call for an escort. If not so, you always have the opportunity of visiting the next night club in town; and you will find plenty of them in Istanbul.

4. Can I shoot a Video of the two of us?
If you really think she is so dumb, think again. Had she been so, she would not last in the profession. Unless she initiates or allows, never try any such cheeky stuff. Even if she obliges, anything that she might be uncomfortable with.

5. Should you not Pay me as well?
Yes, and she will be doing your laundry, breakfast and shoe-laces as well. This is simply too funny to even talk about.

6. Are your Other Clients fun-to-be-with?
Yes they are; but radicals have threatened to hand her over to the ISIS if she tells you about them. Escorts are professionals at the end of the day and professionalism demands privacy in services. If you have a few clients of your own, you would not be asking that question.

7. I paid for Dinner Last Time, so…
Do not even try to complete that line. If you decide to go on dinner with your lady, it is you that pays. Do not forget, you will still have to make the hourly compensation while you have dinner.  

8. Your Real Name and Number
The relationship you share with your escort is a professional and not personal one. Respect the fact and use only the name and number that she has given to contact her.

9. This Escort named Rosy did me a Huge Favor..
By saying this you are doing a huge disrespect to the lady. If you need to ask some sort of a favor, state it flatly. Building comparative stories never helps with women.

10. Would you take care of my belongings?
Safety is as much a concern for Turkey escorts as it is for you. Take care of your own belongings lest you should be blaming people later.

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