Racial Heterogeneity in the Turkish Escort Industry

The escort industry of today is a delightful combination of diversity. Speaking specifically of the industry of Turkey, it is populated by ladies coming from all over the globe. Escorting is no longer a national affair.
Though a part of the industry is still indifferent to the surrounding changes in its attempt to preserve the national essence, others are welcoming the change. Regardless, Turkish escorts serving the industry still outnumber the foreign population. This is majorly because of clients’ fixation on native experience which is very obvious. Travelers visiting the city of Istanbul or elsewhere in the world want to eat, live and smell the place and that native escorts complete the experience.
The Conflict Is the Origin of Heterogeneity
It is owing to this duality of idea and perception that the Istanbul escort industry is presently a mixed bag. The agencies gradually felt the need to expand and diversify their bases from just Istanbul escorts so as to attract a global mass of clients. Most clients come with the expectations of booking native women. For them, it is more like getting to know a local better. However, as for international clients who fly in the city for business or pleasure often prefer women from other nationalities too. It has to be borne in mind that Istanbul is a tourist destination and the host city to a major flow of travelers. Hence, providing the escort services through native women alone would be quite inane to think.
Points Favoring Diversity in the Group
Often the communication gap turns out to be a blockage for men. You would not want to take a language tutorial just because you wish to avail an escort service. Though most Turkish escort girls are trained to be bilingual and even polyglot in certain instances, the communication gap that prevails at levels beyond the lngauge always remains. Aside, clients are like to have the fancy of seeing women from other nationalities, colors, and races. That is common and one of the most compelling reasons why variety is imperative to an escort agency. 
With more variety in the base of escorts, it is like a holistic experience where there is some for all. 

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