Payment Policies of Istanbul Escort Agencies Revealed

Escort service has become a popular way of indulging in your libidinous instincts in Istanbul and with the growing number of licensed and registered Istanbul escort agencies, availing an escort of your choice has become an easy deal. Istanbul is one city which provides its tourists and travellers with some highly effective means of adult entertainment at a very reasonable price. 
Booking an escort service requires the client to make the payment beforehand along with a certain amount charged as part of the security deposit which is subject to refund. Even though the basic payment policies of the leading Istanbul escort agencies are pretty much similar, there are certain terms and conditions that the client is expected to know before availing an escort service in Istanbul.
Turkey escort agencies accept the basic service charge of the escort from the client as the primary payment. This however, does not include the tip that the client offers to his escort out of courtesy and generosity. Tipping is supposed to be done following a certain code of conduct. The money should be given discreetly instead of giving it directly to the escort. Tipping is a generous display and can be really embarrassing if the escort has to ask for it. 
Currencies accepted in Istanbul escort agencies:
Most of the agencies prefer accepting the service charges in Euros. Nonetheless, they also accept USD and Turkish currency. Giving notes of high denomination should preferably be avoided as the escorts do not always carry change with them. It is better if the client makes the exact amount at once in any of the abovementioned currencies.
The escort agencies also accept credit cards. For that, the client has to provide the agency with the necessary information required for making the transaction.

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