İstanbul Escorts: The Terms of Service Hire

Pages of myths and notions veer around the idea of hiring Istanbul escorts for the reasons of companionship, sexual or not. However, while most are busy spinning own version of the picture, here’s what the contract of hire really looks like. It is nothing frightening with threats of getting the clients convicted here and there. Instead, it looks like any normal contract paper with schematic similarity with other kinds of service contracts. Only that it is more specific, and as rule has the discretion and safety of the escort as priority. 
As all agreement papers start, it has the name of the people in the contract, with date of contract, addresses of both the parties. It states clearly that an escort will perform the mentioned services willingly in exchange of a mentioned sum of money. What happens between the two adults is consensual as long as it does not affect the restrictions of the contract. It reads that an escort can accompany you on dates and to parties and functions. The duration of the contract will be clearly mentioned in the contract that has to be complied with by minutes.  The agreement sets either of the party at liberty to terminate the contract by a notice that has to be issued and reached to the other within a specified timeframe.
By the contract, the escort and the client warranties each other that they are in good health and that they have only the mentioned kind of illnesses, that are of course not communicable. In the later part of the contract, the term “illness” is defined for unanimity. 
Aside, it also mentions that the agency has the right to promote their performing ladies while complying with the company promotional policy. The escort can also be allowed to be communicated by the clients, through the agency as long as they are recruits with the company. The form also states clearly that the agency will pay the escort compensation for the work performed from the amount received from the client. 
The escort concerned is stated to be above the legal prostitution age of 21 and has the legal authority to work in this profession. Clients are strictly disallowed from making a video recording of the sexual interaction or otherwise with the concerned Istanbul escorts. They are even not allowed to take pictures whatsoever, for privacy reasons. It also restricts the clients to engage in any BDSM activity unannounced. Any severity in the act should be preceded by a statutory agreement wherein both sign in agreement. 

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