Istanbul Escort Service for the Disabled

Istanbul escort service offers an exclusive group of beautiful and stunning ladies providing the elite class and vacationers and tourists with their standard and quality service. However, there is a flip side to it. It is not just the normal, physically fit and able-bodied clients that they cater to but the escort service is also available for the physically handicaps. This is one of the most interesting aspects about the Istanbul escort agencies as they literally live upto their motto about serving to every client in an equal manner. They do not put any discrimination between the able bodied clients and the disabled ones and serve them as they want to be served.

There are a few notable points regarding the escort service provided to the physically handicapped clients which are the following:
An undiscriminating service offered:
The escort agencies of Istanbul do not maintain any discrimination between their clients, irrespective of their abilities. The charges are same in both the cases. However, the premium escorts often charge a bulk amount of money for entertaining handicaps. But in general, the escorts offer all the services to their special clients that they generally offer.

Trained escorts dealing with the special clients:
One reason for choosing the escort from a reputed escort agency is that they receive professional training on how to deal with the special clients. They receive training on both the behavioural and physical ways of treating a handicap client. A high quality hospitable training is provided to them so that they can make their clients feel as special as they deserve to feel.
Generally the escort agencies choose the escorts with a moderate experience who are willing to serve the special clients without charging extra or throwing tantrums and offering the general services that they would gladly offer to any normal client.

Nursing training provided:
The escort agencies of Istanbul also offer training for emergency purposes to their escorts so that if any unwanted situation props up while they are with the client, they can take necessary steps accordingly. In many cases, the escorts notify the agency beforehand if they suspect the probability of any emergency situation.

Reasonable rates for a customized service:
The escort agencies provide the handicap clients with a customized service. If the special client desires for some special arrangement offered for the date, the agency gladly accepts the request and does it at a reasonable rate for the client.

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