Five Things You Should Never Expect From a Professional Escort

You may be feeling all lonely and may wish to seek the company of a gorgeous and glamorous lady for some intimate time. All these and much more can be provided by the Istanbul escort ladies so that you have a great time in their company and enjoy the many layers of fun and intimacy in an exciting and exhilarating manner.  But there are boundaries which should not be crossed in any professional service and the rule stands the same when you are hiring an escort service for your requirements as well as physical or emotional needs. 
Never Ask the Lady to Pay
If you are taking a beautiful Istanbul escorts lady out for dinner or some more fun, never expect that you can go the Dutch way of sharing the expenses. The escort girls are glamorous ladies with rich and refined tastes and provide their exclusive company to those men only who can afford them in every manner. If you are going to be her man for the night, then buckle up as she will be one ravishing lady on whom every cent you spend is going to be completely worth the deal.
Restrain From Forced or Coaxed Sex
If you are a gentleman, then you should know how to treat your lady the right way. The words such as forcing or coaxing her to do favors to you should never even cross your mind. If the escort girl is feeling uncomfortable in doing something then she has the full right to say no and you will have to accept that. Though she will try her best to pleasure you in all possible manners, but still, if she finds something intolerable, you have to respect that and release her from the services immediately. Any forceful action will register you in the list of blocked clients and you will be barred from using the services of Istanbul escort networks in future. 
Do Not Ask About Any Other Clients
When in the company of an escort girl, try not to tread on the personal details or facts and figures. The lady might have professional name that she uses only for business purposes and you need to tame your curiosity to know her genuine details. Privacy s valued highly, in case of the client as well as the escort girls involved and you should not ask about the details of her other clients too, as surely she will not entertain you in any manner. 
Treat Her with Respect
Every agency does a background check about their clients for their conduct as well as t see if they have any violent or abusive nature. Since the escort girls are very delicate and soft natured girls, it is expected that you treat them in that manner and always be polite and courteous. Behaviors such as using an abusive language or treating the lady with physical abuse is strictly prohibited and if you are found guilty of that, you can face criminal charges too for the same.

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