FAQs about İstanbul Escort Services

If this is going to be your first encounter with an Istanbul escort you should know about the policies of an escort agency. Being informed about their terms and conditions will help you make an informed decision and avoid committing any mistake. Here are a few most frequently asked questions to an escort agency. 
Is Your Business Located in Istanbul? 
Most escort agencies operating in Istanbul have their business based in the city itself. However, the escorts they work with belong from different parts of the world and have different nationalities. 
Do the Escorts Speak English? 
This question is a concern for many as men from all over the globe come to Istanbul to spend time with the beautiful escorts; they find English to be the only comfortable language to communicate. Almost all the escorts though hailing from different nationality and religion, they have the know-how of English. You will therefore find no difficulty in communicating with them. 
When it is the Right Time to Contact an Agency? 
Well, there isn’t any stipulated time to contact an agency. Most escort agencies are available 24/7. You can call them or visit them anytime you want. 
Can You Negotiate the Service Charge? 
The escorts charge a fixed rate that is clearly mentioned in the websites. These charges are not negotiable. If you try to bargain it may offend your escort and she may never see you again. 
If Your Chosen Escort has an Emergency and She Fails to Meet You. Then What? 
If you are opting for an escort agency you need to worry because they will always provide you an alternative in such a situation. Another escort will be made ready for the appointment. However, if you choose an independent escort, there is no guarantee whether you will be provided with an alternative or not. 
If You Need to Cancel the Date When should You Inform? 
It is always better to make the cancelation as early as possible, so that the escort you have booked can offer services to someone else. So, it will be feasible for an agency to process your cancelation of your give them notice early. 
Which Currencies are Preferred the Most for Payment? 
Currently, Euro is the most preferred currency although the agencies are trying all possible ways to accept other major currencies as well. 
Whom to Make the Payment? 
While booking, you generally pay the agency and not the escort.  
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