Escort Services: Questions That Are Red Flags

Every business affair has a code of conduct, some said, and some obvious. As for hiring escort services, the codes of conduct are distinctly laid out in the fine prints of terms and conditions. Reading through them patiently is not the complete drill. There are other unstated facts that are not shared with the clients because they are taken for understood. However, first timers often make the mistake of letting go of their curiosity, after starting to feel comfortable in the presence of Istanbul escorts.  This piece makes a note of what are to be avoided when in conversation with an escort.
This name sounds too fancy to be a real name
You might think that the supposed humor in the line will hide its obviousness, but it doesn’t. Escorts get them all the time, and rest assured, they are not dumb to not know it. To clarify, this line can indicate two things, viz., the name used is their pseudonym and you know it, and you are asking them their real name. Now, there is an idea behind using a second name. 
While it is true that Istanbul escorts use decorative and often kitschy names for their profession, the point behind it is anonymity. They prefer full discretion and hence sharing their name, or any personal details, for that matter, is not a professional obligation. They are at full liberty to protect it.
So what do you, as in you have a real job?
That red signal again. Stop right there. That is outright rude, and intrusive. She might have a second job, or this could be just a passing phase for her, but you cannot possible pose that question without offending sentiments. Even if you do ask that, do not expect to get an honest or even an answer to that. 
Can I call you sometime?
Er, no! That would be zilch possibility, if you are asking for her personal number. Sure you can call at the Turkish escorts agency reception and take a second appointment, but there is no way you can contact her directly over a phone line and hope to get chatty and friendly. That is a violation of one of the terms agreed. 

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