6 Ludicrous Questions You Should Avoid Embarrassing Yourself with when Dealing with an Escort

Meeting an escort on a vacation in Istanbul is not a rare event, especially for single men who visit the city for the purpose of business or pleasure. The city is richly distributed with escort agencies that have catered to the demand-supply situation with their respective community of escorts. However, first timers often end up muddling things up with their interaction with these ladies. In most cases, as escorts later admitted ask ridiculous questions which not only embarrass themselves, but also strikes up an awkward situation for the ladies. Here are some questions you need to brush out of your mind to ensure you don’t make the short span any less special.
Is That Your Real Name?
Escorts prefer a certain level of anonymity, and by agreeing to the terms of the employing agency, you as a client are agreeing to grant them that. Yes, escorts do use second names and that is a pre-requisite in their profession. So, let’s not digress from that agreement. They will not disclose their names anyway.
What’s Your Personal Life Like?
Escorts like to maintain a distinction between their professional and personal lives. Hence, asking them about their personal lives is not a very potent conversation starter. In most cases, they are very protective about their privacy and you might not earn yourself a good answer in return. 
Do Your Parents Know About Your Profession?
This is another spoiler. Do her parents know? No, duh! Or yes, and they’re totally cool about it. But how exactly does it concern you? Do your parents know you are meeting her? If you wish to kill the meeting with awkwardness and inward rage, go ahead and take a shot. That might just come all the way back. 
How Much Does the Agency Pay You Per Service?
It is again beyond all your concerns of your gain and pain whether she gets a good amount from your payment, or just a peanut fraction. For your information, the escorts are highly paid. There is a pretty good possibility that she earns more than many of her clients. So, why ask and get the rat out of the burrow.
Can I Have Your Phone Number?
Er, no. But, you can have the phone number that connects with her, which is through her agency. This is sorry new for you, but all your communication with her will take place through the agency. Her private phone lines are privy to not her clients. If you can still handle rejection all too well, then hire go ahead, ask and get that look back. 
Can We Be Friends, You Know, Get to Know Each Other Better?
A red flag there! You can only have one kind of relationship with an escort and that is client-provider. Of course, you can build a chemistry or understanding of sorts with her. 

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